About us

Our company was founded by a team of professionals and is registered in the offshore zone in Seychelles. We created the company with one goal - to provide our customers with anonymity and freedom on the Internet. Our high protected services allow customers to place almost any projects, as well as get reliable protection from organizations controlling the Internet. Our strongly protected hosting will help you avoid problems with stopping your site on the next complaint. We are professionals with extensive experience in this field and make sure that your sites work 24/7 and your privacy is not compromised. During our work we managed to place our equipment in the main offshore locations such as (Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia and several European countries). Due to such infrastructure for our hosting, we can afford host various content. Offshore hosting has become extremely popular not only among projects that have problems with complaints, but also among ordinary ones. Let's still figure out why our secure hosting differs from conventional hosting. Currently, all actions on the Internet are controlled by special organizations such as Spamhaus, Icann, Legitscript etc. So if problem content is posted on the hosting, such organizations send a complaint (abuse) to the hosting provider and upon receipt of such an abuse hosting blocks your site, often even without warning. The advantage of our protected hosting is that we never block a client’s projects. Despite complaints, your project will be online on the Internet. We have entered into partnerships with offshore Data Centers, which allows us to ignore most of the incoming complaints, and even if we get an abuse to the DC channel we won’t stop the project we just transfer it to another location without violating the site’s uptime. Ordering our protected hosting, you will never be left alone with another problem due to complaints you will always get a ready-made solution. If your business has problems with the law enforcement authorities this is not a problem if using our protected hosting. We will place your site in an offshore location where the legislation will no longer work. You can pay all bills using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin which is very safe and anonymous. Recently our protected hosting has become very popular among ordinary high-load projects. If you already have a lot of traffic, competitors will probably can start sending complaints to the hosting and registrar so it can also lead to blocking the site. Therefore, we recommend that you order our protected hosting. We have flexible configurations on the servers, and the hardware protection against DDOS installed in the DC allows us to provide excellent uptime and protection for your sites.

In our company you will receive an individual approach and day/night technical support. Tell us the information about your project and we will help you choose the location and configuration of the server, as well as configure the necessary software on the server. We will be happy to work with you, make it faster just transfer your site to our protected hosting.