Anti DDoS Protection for your Servers

Protect you infrastructure or website against any DDoS attack without a disrupting user experience with our anti-ddos protection, layer 7 and layer 4 Protection.

Premium Anti-DDoS

Our Premium Anti DDoS Protection it’s a Layer 3, 4 or 7 DDoS mitigation service without any hidden cost. This solution is the perfect fusion between our Reverse Proxy and HW IP DDoS Protection

WAF Included
Layer 3,4,7 Protection

Anti DDoS Features

  • Defense against cross-site forgery (CRS), cross-site-scripting (XSS) and SQL injection,
  • Defense against Land, Fraggle, Smurf, WinNuke, Ping of Death, Teardrop, and TCP error flag attacks.
  • Defense against HTTP GET flood, HTTP POST flood, HTTP slow header, HTTP slow post, HTTPS flood, SSL DoS/DDoS, WordPress reflection amplification, RUDY, and LOIC attacks; packet validity check.
  • Defense against address and port scanning attacks, and attacks using Tracert packets and IP options, such as IP source route, timestamp, and record route.
  • Defense against DNS query flood, DNS reply flood, and DNS cache poisoning attacks; source limit.
  • Detection and auto mitigation
  • Defense against SYN flood, SYN-ACK flood, ACK flood, FIN flood, RST flood, TCP fragment flood, UDP flood, UDP fragment flood, IP flood, ICMP flood, TCP connection flood, sockstress, TCP retransmission, and TCP empty connection attacks.
  • Defense against NTP, DNS, SSDP, Chargen, TFTP, SNMP, NetBIOS, QOTD, Quake Network Protocol, Portmapper, RIPv1, and Steam Protocol reflection amplification attacks.
  • Filters, Location-based filtering, DDoS attack signature database and IP reputation features included

Protect your website from Layer 7 DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are a primary concern in the sphere of internet security today. This is especially true if you have sensitive content on your website. Opting for offshore VPS also provides you the necessary protection you need to prevent a DDoS attack on your content. Let us explain this in a little more detail.

Premium Anti-DDoS Protection

Premium Anti-DDoS Protection

Our Premium Anti DDoS Protection is the result of the merger between our Reverse proxy that protects Layer 7 attacks and a new IP DDoS Protection technology capable of mitigating the most dangerous Layer 3 and layer 4 attacks. Based on clean traffic, LyraShield Anti DDoS is capable of mitigating up to 1.5Tbps + / 250Mpps

Layer 3,4,7
Pay per Clean Traffic
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Anycast DNS
Website Speed Improvement
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